Доклад "Conflicting for Good"

Deepening Democracy in Agile Ecosystem

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На следующей неделе еду в Таллинн выступать на Agile Saturday.

Думал-думал, что там провести, о чём поумничать.. Все темы уже разобраны - проблемы оценивания проектов, работа с картами пользовательских историй.

Решил психануть и провести воркшоп на базе группового процесса Глубинной Демократии. Выберу наболевшую тему (к примеру, Владелец Продукта и команда - кто за что отвечает) и выступлю катализатором конфлика.

Не знаю, что получится, посмотрим!
Conflicting for Good.
Deepening Democracy in Agile
(a participatory workshop)
What would you do when a work process neglects interests of a group's minority?
How would you cope with a blocked conflict in a group that affects teamwork and cooperation?
Have you seen people fighting against the new rules, being careless of, or even boycotting Agile transition?

Deep Democracy (founded by Mindell) is a modern view on group dynamics, based on integral awareness and information preservation. It can give us new techniques to deal with complex group conflicts, help uncover them and make beneficial for everyone.

In this workshop Alexey will share some background on Deep Democracy and its view on conflicts and then... And then, the audience will be able to work out a hot conflict on a topic of Agile adoption.

It may turn into a fight, group act of love, or who knows what. Come and help it go!