Agile Alliance Board

Luke Hohmann мне предложил стать членом Agile Alliance Board - советом, который в рамках Agile Alliance реализует стратегию распространения Agile движения, его стабилизацию, собирает отзывы рынка, улучшает внутренние процедуры и материалы. Работа бесплатная.

Пришлось задуматься. Готов ли я уделить этому важному делу свое время? Есть ли мне чем поделиться с миром? Готов ли я стать членом супер команды?

Пришлось написать Position Paper. Разобраться в себе. Понять, зачем я вообще занимаюсь тем, чем занимаюсь. Вышло много. Больше, чем я ожидал. Перечитав, я понимаю, что этот текст отражает некоторые из моих ценностей, которые меня мотивируют к этому занятию.

На agile2009 станет известно отобрали ли меня...

My name is Alexey Krivitsky.

I am from the new generation of developers. Started to love coding at the age of 15. In 2003 got a master degree in CS. Since 1999 I had worked as a Delphi/VB/Java/.NET developer, then a team lead, then a ScrumMaster, now as an independent Agile coach.

One long cold winter evening of 2007 I started the Agile Ukraine user group which now consists of more than 500 members. Since we had started, we managed to run a dozen of local conferences (Agile Gatherings) and Agile clubs.

Currently my focus lies in the start-up IT market that is being emerged in Ukraine and calls to be facilitated in terms of establishing transparent and lightweight processes and effective and open people collaboration. The current year of 2009 is going to be the hit in terms of Agile expansion in Ukraine and the overall Eastern Europe that we're trying to make by giving birth to the first Agile Eastern Europe ( conference to be held in my homelands in September.

I see two directions of my application in the Board.

Firstly, the mission of the Agile Alliance which is I believe to spread and support Agility in the World has a lot of common to what we have been doing so far in my region. Here where I am from, Agility is steps behind the US and other developed markets. Here it needs to be seeded and grown. It needs to get some sun, shadow and water. There are mosaic of regions in the World which do their own relatively small (but locally huge) effort in terms of evangelizing Agility. I believe those communities are to be supported and connected altogether to produce a stronger large ecosystem. We need to set up conditions where Agility can grow and naturally evolve, changing people daily habits and spreading out the new way of building products.

Secondly, during my daily work as a coach and evangelist I meet many people that have no idea what Agile means and what other ways of work are rather than commanding and controlling. My latest work proves that commanding and controlling is the root cause of waterfall thinking, cubic corporate cultures, functional teams and other indicators of inefficiency. Such unawareness is killing funds, good initiatives, relationship and natural human motivation. This is happening now, at the moment of writing. And there are a LOT to do in this regard.

As a member of the Board I am eager to share my knowledge, skills and vision for the sake of the new awareness Agile can bring to people work and lives.