agile planning (planning over plans)

i had experience using deterministic old-school approached (like MS
Project's Gantt charts), which i was keeping in my tool set for quite
a long time,

i did task decomposition, resource assignment and leveling,
milestone definition...

this all was quite useful while i was doing that because it made me think
of the project risks, complex dependencies, the team's capabilities
and other topics important for project success.

but as soon as i published my plans and tried to stick to them - they
quickly became obsolete and useless. it appeared i just couldn't predict everything and eventually the projects went a bit different direction.


since i've been doing agile i don't have this problem anymore.
why? simply because i never stop planning.

i highly recommend Mike Cohn's masterpiece Agile Estimations and Planning this book is not about plans, rather it is about planning once you start using user stories as your main requirements media, you will gain even more flexibility in planning and hence obtain more control over the project. planning will become a solid practice being done by the whole team during the coarse of the project. also the user stories will foster idea sharing between product managers and engineers, will provoke creative and positive thinking


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