Scrum gathering in Kiev 2007.

The 1st Scrum gathering in Kiev is to be held at the office of Ciklum in January-March
(the exact date is to be defined)

The agenda should be defined as we get results from the survey of the attendees.
The preliminary agenda is

Scrum start-up
  1. why Scrum ? introduce Scrum for people who are new to it, define benefits why for team, why for customers
  2. how to start Scrum? provide patterns of starting the 1st sprint
  3. why Scrum is difficult? provide a set of examples to let better understand why it is not that easy to do Scrum
  4. Scrum and requirements management provide different patterns including the approach with user-stories
  5. case study: play a Scrum project
  6. ... to be extended

Scrum complex topics:
  1. effective planning meetings
  2. effective Scrum retrospectives
  3. be extended